AMIplus for You

TAURON Dystrybucja S.A. implements a modern, user friendly electricity consumption measuring and billing system - AMIplus. AMIplus is a smart metering system that allows automatic processing, transmission and management of measurement data. It allows two-way communication between the electricity meters and the distributor, while giving the client access to current information on electricity consumption.
  • Smart meter is a part of the smart electricity metering system - smart metering. By implementing smart electricity metering solutions, power plants have the opportunity i.a.:

    to automatically obtain information on specific electricity consumption by specific householdsto increase the efficiency of measurement data managementto improve power network safetyto strengthen customer service, e.g. to verify complaints quickerto operate faster and more efficiently in the event of a network failure and to shorten power outagesto facilitate the procedure of changing electricity supplierto adjust offers to the individual needs of consumers
    With the changes in the electricity metering system, the power plants will have access to measurement data with a high degree of detail, allowing them to effectively monitor the status of the network and to optimize the costs related to electricity supply.

  • The smart meter is also called AMI or remote reading meter. It is a part of smart metering system, called smart metering. The device measures the electricity consumption and automatically transmits the collected and encrypted data to the power plant. What is important - the display mounted in the meter allows the customer to independently analyze the amount of electricity consumed. The most important capabilities of smart meters are e.g.:

    Providing detailed information about the consumption of electricity with an accuracy of 1 hour or even 15 minutesTransmitting information on the quality of the supplied electricity, e.g. voltage level or outagesAutomatic data transfer of electricity consumption to the power plant, which can issue a bill on this basis.
  • We can solve the problem faster
    The system will send information about power outage to TAURON. Thanks to that we can faster send a brigade for troubleshooting.
    We can remotely read the meter
    Meter reading will take place automatically, without the need for a TAURON employee to visit yo
    Fraud protection
    Meter exchange protects you against frauds like "toll collector” - you will not be exposed to unfair behaviour of people claiming to be employees of the power plant.

    Monitor electricity consumption
    AMIplus provides access to information about the current power consumption through the website You can track the consumption on your smart phone and tablet using the application TAURON eMeter. After installation of the meter we will send login details by mail.
    In the future you'll pay for as much as you will use
    AMIplus gives you the possibility to pay for the amount of electric energy that you have actually used in a given month (without forecasting electric energy consumption). 
    You won't be charged for electricity meter exchange


    How does the installation of the smart meter take place?

    The rules and the way of exchanging the existing meters for new smart devices are exactly the same as by exchanges that were completed before. The installation of an e-meter is free of charge and does not involve incurring any additional fees by energy consumers.

    Smart meter and data security

    The data collected by AMI meters are safe and protected in accordance with the law applicable in Poland. Communication between all the elements of smart network is encrypted with the usage of secure technologies, used e.g. in Internet banking.
    At the same time, the whole AMI system uses high-tech authentication of individual devices communicating with each other to exclude the possibility of hacking.

  • Reliability of electricity supply

    Modern metering allows you to minimize the time of a power outage. On the basis of automatically transmitted data, TAURON Distribution can locate and remove the failure, and thus restore power more quickly. This system can also analyze the quality of the of electricity supplied to customers.

    Preventing thefts of electricity

    Receiving information about disruptions in the supply of electricity ensures that the power network is more tight, resistant to thefts of electricity. By monitoring the network TAURON Distribution is able to locate the possible thefts of electricity, which may cause damage to the electrical system in the building, fire or electric shock, not only of persons illegally receiving electricity, but also people living in the neighbourhood.

    Reliable exchange of information

    Safety in AMIplus is also adequate protection of the measurement data to be read. Data exchange between the system and the electricity meter is tightly secured and encrypted. Implemented data protection systems are analogous to those used in e-banking or mobile network operator systems.